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Our weekly themes and learning plans emerge from the children’s interests and play and can evolve in response to children’s changing needs and interests, parental and community interests and concerns and carers’ priorities.

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At Busy Bees, your baby will be safe, nurtured and loved. Cuddling and holding very young children is a big part of what we do every day. Our infant rooms are filled with places where babies can roll, sit, crawl, pull up, and walk.

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Part of the playgroup experience at Busy Bees is to learn about sharing and getting along with others. This is a time when they begin participating in activities for longer periods and concentrating on their own play.

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For children, Montessori is a happy place for exploring and finding out new things every day. For parents, Montessori should be a place that focuses on learning, yet never forgets the importance of fun.

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School-age children need a place to feel safe, ”hangout” with friends and have fun after school. They need a place to call their own. In our Children's Den we provide the answer!

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