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Read what some of our clients have to say about us. If you would like to leave feedback please email it to, alternatively you can leave your feedback via Rate My Area.

Client TestimonialI recently retired from Busy Bees after working there for 17 years. From the very beginning when I first went for interview I instinctively got a very warm, friendly and caring feeling about the crèche. Marian, the owner/manager was thorough, professional and yet put me at ease during the interview. I had attended interviews at other crèches, but knew that even if I had been offered a position in in one of them, I would not have felt as comfortable working with them as I knew I would in Busy Bees. In truth, Busy Bees was the only one for me.

Over the past 17 years, I have been working in the Baby Room. I have absolutely loved every minute of it: meeting new parents and their babies, and gradually together settling them into crèche life. I have made lasting friendships with staff; we occasionally meet and when we do, we can’t help but talk about our lovely times spent in Busy Bees. We, as the staff in Busy Bees, always had great enjoyment as we decorated the crèche throughout the year for festive occasions, starting with Australia Day and the Chinese New Year in January, through to Christmas at the end of the year. Both the children and the parents shared in our enjoyment, particularly as could be seen in the look of joy on the children’s faces.

In conclusion, I have felt extremely happy and privileged to have shared in the development of so many Little Bees, watching them progress through the crèche, starting school and finally attending as after-schoolers.Client Testimonial

Former Busy Bees Staff Member

Client Testimonial
It was hard to say goodbye to Busy Bees after my daughter spent two years in their wonderful afterschool. She started in Busy Bees when she was just about 4 years old. During that summer, she had enjoyed lots of fun, various activities, and got to know the girls who later started with her in Junior Infants. Over the next two years, Racheal and Michelle, among other lovely staff in Busy Bees, dedicated their professional care and love.

The hive is always clean, the food is well prepared and delicious, and the knowledge my daughter had learnt there is multi-dimensional. My daughter have enjoyed every moment there and become more confident, caring, and social. There is a great help for her homework also. As busy working parents, we do not need to worry about her homework as it was supervised in Busy Bees Childcare.

We much appreciated the help and caring Busy Bees provided, and look forward to dropping by to say hello!Client Testimonial

Ruifang W.

Client Testimonial
It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since our first daughter started with Busy Bees and it was difficult to say goodbye to all the wonderful staff of Busy Bees this summer when our third finished up. For parents who are working, your number one priority is to find a safe environment for your children with carers that will give them the equivalent love and care in your absence. I have to say over the 10 years, we got that and more for our three children at Busy Bees. They have grown up to be confident, kind, cooperative and fun children and this is, I believe, due in large part to the nurturing, love and attention they received from all the fabulous carers in Busy Bees, right the way up from day one with Pat in the baby room to senior Montessori and even still there are hugs and high fives for them as we see them on our way to and from school.

For Mum and Dad it was also a wonderful experience. Our kids skipped in there every day. Staff turnover in this family run crèche is extremely low which provides a stable environment for the children. All of the carers know each child very well, when they are on form and when they are not themselves. Marian is a trained nurse which is also very reassuring and the staff receive continuous training in all aspects of childcare. Most importantly the carers were excellent – always smiling and generous with their love and encouragement to our kids.

We have fond memories of Busy Bees – the annual Senior Monti’s Nativity is a highlight not to mention all the dressing up at Halloween and pyjama parties and we still have boxes full of their fabulous artwork – everything from Autumn collages to the solar system and life cycle of the frog!
When we were seeking childcare arrangements all those years ago, Busy Bees came highly recommended to us. In turn, I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Thank you Marian and all the wonderful Staff at Busy Bees.Client Testimonial

The Davy Family

Client Testimonial
We had our little boy in Busy Bees since he was 9 months old until he started school last week! We were first time parents and we really didn’t have a clue which child care crèche to choose at the time, so of course after a quick research by chatting to other parents & investigating reviews on the internet. I quickly established that Busy Bees was the most highly recommended one in the area and so the one for us! At the time I had reviewed a few other child care places just to compare what was on offer but to be honest, there was no comparison! On my very first visit, i met with Marian and was delighted to hear she had a nursing back round which really supported us as new parents throughout the years but also the professional and caring nature Marian & her staff showed was always very apparent. Throughout the years, if our son was out sick, there was always a call from Busy Bees to check and see how he was or if they could do anything and we appreciated this immensely.

While we were shown around on our first visit, I noticed the kitchen which was quite large, absolutely spotless and was advised that fresh healthy meals were cooked daily by Ger the chef and that kids loved her but also her healthy food ! This has not changed in the years since my son started and as the food aspect was always very important to us, our son has grown into a very healthy little man who loved his food especially fruit!

There is a very low staff turnover which is a fantastic thing because as you son grows, you become quite attached to the girls who are looking after your child, it is so important as a full time working mother that you can feel your child is surrounded by an environment that provides security, love, happiness while been nurtured and educated as you cannot be with him.

The staff are very professional, qualified and dedicated to the children and my son loved them all. Maria F & Michelle have been absolutely amazing in the last two years and he has been crazy about them… they have taught him so much and had so much fun with them. The quality of childcare and education from the staff has helped my son develop, grow and be confident to commence school last week. Busy Bees staff are constantly training and keeping up with the high standards & procedures required.

From babies to after schoolers, all of the girls that have taken care of my son (Pat, Tara, Kimmie, Maria P, Rachel, Kim, Aisling, Hilda Karen & many more) have been wonderful and we have enjoyed been a part of Busy Bees and so would not hesitate to recommend this crèche to anyone ! Thanks a million everyone and we miss you lots already!Client Testimonial

Anne-Marie H.

Client Testimonial
Both of our children went to Busy Bees and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. It’s a family run crèche and I believe this makes all the difference.

Marion the owner is a trained nurse who runs it with great efficiency (it is spotless, very well maintained, low staff turnover etc.) but more importantly, she runs it with great care and love and knows not only each child well, but also their parents and grandparents. Marion has an excellent staff working with her, and throughout the 6 years my children were lucky enough to be in the care of some really exceptional careers and Montessori teachers.

It was very hard to say goodbye this summer, as my youngest is about to start school, but I know he is 100% ready for is new challenge, in no small part due to the great preparation he received in Busy Bees. Keep up the good work guys!Client Testimonial

Muireann S.

Client Testimonial
I’ve been meaning to write this review for ages. My daughter went to this Montessori crèche and school from ages 13 months-age 3.

I cannot praise Marian and the team highly enough. It is a fabulously run school, in the old fashioned way, where the boss (Marian) has incredibly high standards for child-care, child-centred development and learning, health and safety and recruitment. Her staff are just fantastic. Hilda, Kimmy, Henrietta, Jackie, Maria x 2 and all the other girls are simply fabulous, responsible, loving, fun, caring teachers and carers.

They come out of the first Montessori class at age 3/4 talking about the Water Cycle and precipitation without even realizing they are learning, but more importantly are kind to each other and confident about themselves. We didn’t do the second Montessori year, but I wish we had. If you’re considering Busy Bees, go for it. I doubt you’ll regret it.Client Testimonial

Fiona F.

Client Testimonial
I wrote a review about Busy Bees in 2010 and I can’t believe the day has come when my children are all grown up and leaving busy bees. When I first left my son into the baby room and in the arms of Pat, I knew he would be well cared for but I had no idea how much he would be loved.

The staff in Busy Bees are phenomenal. Not only do they provide a safe environment for every child, they provide a home from home for the children. My son and daughter skipped in to the crèche every morning and were greeted with hugs and smiles. My daughter used to ask me on a Sunday evening “Is it crèche day tomorrow?” and you should have seen the smile that came across her face when I said yes.

Busy Bees has been part of our family for 7 years and it is hard to say goodbye but we leave with the knowledge that our children were nurtured in a home from home when we couldn’t be with them. Thank you to Marion and all the staff.Client Testimonial

Anne D.

Client Testimonial
My daughter has attended Busy Bees for the last 4 years and her brother has been with them for 18 months. The whole experience has been thoroughly positive for both me and my kids. The management in the crèche is second to none. Marian and Karen know exactly what is going on every minute of the day. Each and every one of the carers are kind, loving and have a wonderful way with children.

It can be hard in the mornings rushing off to work leaving your kids behind – but Busy bees makes it so much easier – you know that your child is being looked after really well and getting plenty of cuddles. In the 4 years that we have been with Busy Bees – I have gotten a single phone call only to let me know one of the kids wasn’t well and even at that I wasn’t asked to hurry back and collect them. The activities provided are fun and varied ranging from French / Spanish/ Gymboree/ Drama etc and the outings to FunFitness / The Zoo / swimming etc are great for the kids.

The Montessori teaching is fantastic and my daughter completely blossomed with the help of Theresa and Margaret. We were blessed to find busy bees and I can only wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is looking for childcare. I do not have a single reservation about the place and I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to each and every member of Staff!Client Testimonial

Emma D.

Client Testimonial
Well my son Joseph just finished 6 years at Busy Bees last Friday, quite an emotional day for me. I have to say that it has been an absolutely wonderful experience for both myself and my son. Marian and her team run a tight ship and I can’t thank them enough for how much they contributed to Joseph as a young boy and to my life. Through the love and care they put into the children they have with them they help to form polite, happy, sociable and fun little people.

For each part of the year Marian finds a great reason to celebrate. At Christmas, Halloween, St. Patricks day the atmosphere would grow and grow with the addition of new pictures and little figures hanging from the ceiling really, really fun. Marian and her team would dress up suitably for each occasion making it really exciting and fun for the Kids. Reme was also another Favourite who did Joseph’s homework with him as well as playing, encouraging and being there for him throughout Infants and First Class. Pat was the first person I gave Joseph over to and she has such a gentle way about her it’s incredible.

Any doubts or fears I had about leaving my 6 month old there were all forgotten as I saw the look of joy as she helped him to blend in with the other little folk there. So all in all This was the most fabulous experience for me and for Joseph. It helped to carve him into the lovely little boy that he is. So Thanks Marian, Reme, Pat, Karen who is always great, comforting and fun for the kids. Just another thing to mention was how they encouraged Drama, Music, Art and Nature. They had great summer camps with outings to the Zoo, Cinema, Marley Park, Fun Fitness, McDonald’s as a special treat. Sportsday and a Swim Out Week which included swimming lessons for a week.

Marian is a fully Trained Nurse and I can say that Marian never once called work saying that Joseph needed me to collect him. she always knew what advice to give should he be running a temperature and would always be able to put your mind at ease with her great skill and knowledge. I was really blessed to find Busy Bees. Thanks again.Client Testimonial

Aoife & Joseph

Client Testimonial
We highly recommend Busy Bees! I looked at other crèches in the area and none came even close to the quality of Busy Bees. The staff and Marian at Busy Bees have given us such great support with our first baby experience. Not only are they caring and professional but the crèche is clean and structured. I love that my son is already painting pictures and learning nursery rhymes at 14 months! I am comfortable and confident in leaving him in their care and know he loves it too.Client Testimonial

Elizabeth R.

Client Testimonial
It has been seven years since our children began with Busybees and it has been a faultless relationship since. Marian and her staff have always been friendly, helpful, flexible, kind and above all very loving to our children! I should also note that one of the first attractions I observed was the homely and relaxed atmosphere within Busybees.

All parents, in particular new ones find child illness, fevers, teething, etc a worry, but in Busybees, Marians nursing background represents a great support and source of advice for those of us in need of some backup when the little ones are low. I have also noted that Marians staff are encouraged and are consistently training in childcare qualifications, so not just Marian, but all her team are up-to-date and ready to assist in all aspects of childcare.

Finally, the Fruit Bowls! It is obvious that healthy eating is a significant part of the Busybees portfolio. Even today many ex-Busybee kids come over to ours on playdates and I’m often asked for a ‘Fruit Bowl’! A Busybee legacy and one of many that the kids benefit from today!

It goes without saying that my wife & I highly recommend Busybees. If you are reading this, then I submit that you are well on the right track to choosing a high quality, safe & loving care service for your children. When your two-year-old gives you a nonchalant wave and races off for a game with their buddy’s or a cuddle with their minder, then you can be sure they’re in the right spot!Client Testimonial

Mark H.

Client Testimonial
My two little angels attend Busybees and when I first started looking at crèches when pregnant with my first, Busybees was as far as I got! I was so impressed by the friendliness of the staff and the clean comfortable rooms that I never went any further. Needless to say 4 years later I’m still pleased with my choice!

Pat, the lady who looks after the babies is a ‘mum away from home’ for me (my mum I mean!) and is able to reassure you and advise you on everything from dry skin to high temperatures! Marian, who owns and runs the crèche is also a qualified nurse and when my daughter had a bad allergic reaction, Marian knew exactly what to do and it was all dealt with very calmly & professionally! If it would have happened at home, I would have panicked!

I would absolutely recommend this crèche and will still be using them for the ‘after school’ service when my babies go to school!Client Testimonial

Anu N.

Client Testimonial
We were recommended Busy Bees by my wife’s sister and now their younger brothers daughter goes there. It’s that kind of place. It’s a big family. Very big spacious rooms for the kids, bright, clean, and very well organised. Always activities going on whatever level your child is at.The staff are all very experienced and as the whole place is owned and run by a qualified nurse. No one ever panics when your child is sick, which is very reassuring.

Both our daughters (aged 6 1/2 and 5 now) attended Busy Bees from aged 6 months to graduating in Senior Montessori and going off to school. Both loved it there and have made great friends some of whom have gone on to different schools but who remain to this day their closest pals.

There is a full commercial kitchen with a qualified chef and a hot meal is served in the middle of every day. The staff really are excellent and they really went the extra mile when our youngest daughter was gravely ill in January 2009 (she contracted Septicaemia when at home during Christmas Holidays). While she was in a coma for over a month in Crumlin hospital Marian visited regularly with personal message and sing song CD’s which we played to her night and day in ICU. Even though she could still barely speak I woke up one morning next to her bed to the sound of her humming the theme tune of Bob the Builder (her Junior Monties class had sent in a recording of their rendition the previous day!!) We brought our daughter back for several day visits throughout 2009 as she regained strength and she finally resumed her Montessori classes on September 8th. Busy Bees minded her and motivated her so much (she is now in Primary school with her big sister and doing really well).

Indeed on the first day at school while there were a few tears from children all around me our little one was at the front door with her nose pressed against the glass waiting to get in alongside her best friend who she met in Busy Bees as the door opened they both barged through and hardly looked back!! Well done Busies. Keep up the good work Marian, Karen and your excellent team.Client Testimonial

Peter M.

Client Testimonial
We are so happy with the way our daughter is being looked after in Busy Bees. The management and staff are wonderful and as the other reviewers have said, having a trained nurse is a real bonus for us as L plate parents!

The care and teaching that is given by all staff is great and if it is simply Montessori you are looking for or full day care / after school care, you couldn’t find better than Busy Bees. All children are treated fairly which is comforting as a parent and what you would expect in a family situation. There is a great sense of routine which is interrupted every now and then for special events / treats like a party or a trip to the park, etc.

Busy Bees is exceptionally clean and comfortable and with excellent equipment for the children’s development.Client Testimonial

Mary D.

Client Testimonial
When I was looking at crèches for my baby 18 months ago I hadn’t a clue what to look for beyond it being clean and a decent minder to child ratio. To be honest I found the whole thing pretty daunting. I was lucky then in that I had a friend recommend one to me – Busy Bees in Kilmacud in Stillorgan. My friend had had all her kids through the crèche as did her sisters.

I went to view the crèche and it was spacious, bright, clean and the staff seemed lovely. It’s really tough even thinking about leaving your child for 10 hours a day but I have to say from day 1 I never left the crèche wondering if she’d be well cared for. The crèche is run by a fabulous woman who was a nurse before starting the crèche and she’s really good about giving advice when your baby is unwell (which happens a lot when they start crèche!!). The staff genuinely care about the children in the crèche there’s lots of cuddles and kisses for them.

Anyway suffice to say I’m a real fan and when things aren’t going great in work its great to know you’ll never have to worry if your little one is OK. If you need childcare in that location – check it out!Client Testimonial

Sinead L.

Client Testimonial
My son (aged 3) and daughter (aged 2) have been in the crèche since they were babies and they love it. Their care is second to none and they really enjoy the stimulation the crèche gives them.

The crèche is run by a trained nurse who is so loving and has saved me a fortune on GP visits as anything I am worried about she reassures me and tells me what over the counter medicine will do the trick! My son is now in the Montessori in the crèche and really loves it and will continue in after-school once he starts school.Client Testimonial

Anne D.

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