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Marian Wallace

Marian Wallace

Having worked in St. Vincent’s Hospital as a nurse and clinical teacher for many years, I found that when my third child was born it was extremely difficult to find suitable, professional, dependable, and reliable childcare. Crèches in those days were few and far between! I decided to study childcare and business management and when I completed my course in 1990, I left St. Vincent’s hospital and set up Busy Bees. I have been buzzing around my Hive ever since!

In 2014, my third daughter, Rachel, joined our busy team full time, after spending many years learning the ropes working in the Hive throughout her school and college days. She was secondary school teaching in England before deciding to trade teenagers for little bees and coming home to something that is in her DNA! She started her journey in the Hive as a childcare assistant studying Childcare and Montessori at night while working full time in the Hive learning from many of the team who had watched her grow up! Over the years, she has progressed into a management role and completed a Master’s in Education specialising in Early Years Education and also a Leadership in Inclusion course too. With Rachel now running Busy Bees by my side , we continue to make the Hive a second home for so many little bees and their families.

Rachel Wallace

Rachel Wallace

Busy Bees has expanded over the years enabling us to provide and maintain the highest standards of care. We continue to strive to ensure that every child feels safe, secure, loved, and, most importantly, that they have fun!

I always wanted to maintain a homely atmosphere, where the children and parents felt part of a “Big Family”. Having worked in an Accident & Emergency Department, a School of Nursing and being a mother myself, it has equipped me with the knowledge and the skills I needed to deal with the care and education of both the children and their parents.

It is wonderful to see many of the children including my own, graduate from college and feel that in some way we contributed to their success. Indeed, my own four daughters have on several occasions arrived home with fine young men who have achieved great success and who tell me that they were once a baby “Busy Bee”!

In these changing times I still enjoy the challenge of keeping up with changes which allow our children to develop into confident, happy, and independent little “bees”.

S.R.N., S.R.M., R.C.T., Hnrs Dip. Nursery Management

Busy Bees Staff

Busy Bees Staff are experienced and trained childcare professionals who have undertaken a minimum of a QQI Level 5 Childcare course all the way up to Higher Level Degrees in Early Childhood Education and Masters in Early Years Education. All staff are subject to ongoing assessment and training to ensure up to date Care and Teaching methods are in use in all areas. At Busy Bees we strictly abide by staff/child ratios for each area. We ensure appropriate vetting and reference checks of all staff and students.

Our quality staff:

  • Have a high expectation of children and self.
  • Respect and value children as autonomous people in their own right.
  • Respect and appreciate the contributions of other adults/children, colleagues, and other professionals.
  • Are committed to working in partnership with parents.
  • Are non judgemental in dealing with children, staff, parents, and the wider community.
  • Are aware and sensitive to the needs of others.
  • Are well adjusted, with a positive self-image.
  • Are willing to share knowledge and expertise in ways that support professional development and teamwork.
  • Are able to communicate well with colleagues, parents and other agencies and above all children, irrespective of their culture, religion and gender.
  • Are warm, patient, reliable and have a sense of humour.
  • We also provide training placements for students who are studying Montessori and childcare from various colleges.

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