Playgroup ProgrammePart of the playgroup experience at Busy Bees is to learn about sharing and getting along with others. This is a time when they begin participating in activities for longer periods and concentrating on their own play or on group tasks - listening to stories, singing songs, playing games to promote cognitive and language skills, exploratory play with everyday materials such as jigsaws, puzzles, pegs and board, threading reels, building blocks and doing art and crafts projects to encourage their imagination and express their creative skills.

Artwork at this stage is an extremely important medium of expression and with our staff's help it will become more refined and begin to look like symbols. It must be remembered that for young children, the process is more important than the product! Through stories, children learn to appreciate language, gain new vocabulary learn to use new words and concepts. Simple songs and games are important introductions to speech patterns, sensory motor skill development and movement skills.

An important part of the Playgroup Programme is "House Keeping": kitchen, shopping, dress up, etc. These activities help children to develop social and problem solving skills and ways of dealing with personal feelings through involvement in dramatic and role-play and encourage both creativity and imagination.

Your child will have the opportunity to play outside on fine days and will also have scheduled rest times or quiet time during the programme.

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