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Busy Bees Childcare Curriculum Statement:

Síolta - The National Quality Framework for Early Childhood EducationAistear - The Early Childhood Curriculum Framework

We have an EMERGENT PLAY BASED CURRICULUM in Busy Bees. This means that our weekly themes and learning plans emerge from the children’s interests and play and can evolve in response to children’s changing needs and interests, parental and community interests and concerns and carers’ priorities.

Our staff work very hard to reflect and extend the children’s interests and often have lovely suggestions of how parents can get involved and extend the learning at home.

Busy Bees Childcare Curriculum

How do our Busy Bees learn?

Our bees learn by doing and having FUN! They are active participants in their learning. They lead the learning by displaying their interests which our carers develop and extend. They sing loud and proud, they get messy and love it, they bake and paint, they splash and jump, they take risks and solve problems, they overcome challenges and learn to work together, they explore and discover all around them. They are the drivers behind their interactions and interactions drive development!

Why is this important?

Our curriculum facilitates learning in a play-based, thematic, multicultural and FUN manner for each age group. It acknowledges that children need well-planned and resourced activities to take their learning forward and to provide opportunities for all children to succeed in an atmosphere of care and of feeling valued. We view learning as a process that requires a balance between child-initiated and staff-facilitated activities. These developed activities incorporate and understand the developmental level of each group.

What do we do to support them?

They are introduced to new learning opportunities which we think will excite and intrigue them. Monitoring of each child's progress throughout their time in Busy Bees will also ensure that achievements can be celebrated and specific needs are identified early. Busy Bees educational curriculum underpins all future learning by supporting, fostering, promoting and gradually developing qualities and values that will not only enhance your child’s childhood but instil a life-long love of learning. The goal of our curriculum is to establish an environment that will provide individual children with the maximum chance to develop social, motor, and problem-solving skills, increase language ability, listening and speaking skills, and foster self-confidence and independence. As your child progresses through Busy Bees you will see, share and understand the wonderful developments they make every day through their love of learning.

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