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At Busy Bees, your baby will be safe, nurtured and loved. Cuddling and holding very young children is a big part of what we do every day. Our infant rooms are filled with places where babies can roll, sit, crawl, pull up, and walk. As they try new things, our caring staff are always right there providing plenty of warm praise and encouragement.

We use all available equipment to offer a fully stimulating day for your baby, with lots of eye contact, songs and rhymes, flash cards and other activities to encourage development and learning. The programme will allow for babies sleeping and feeding routines to be integrated smoothly into their day.


On joining the Wobbler room, staff will gently allow your child to adjust to the group’s routine. Sleep or rest time will also take place as a group. Hugging and cuddling are a big part of every Wobbler’s day. At the same time, these small people are busy finding out new things about themselves and those around them. They are beginning to talk, trying to walk and learning to listen. The Wobbler Activity Programme is on display in their room and will be planned ahead by all staff and followed daily by the children to allow a structured routine that children can thrive on.

All activities and equipment are development appropriate to aid stimulation for cognitive progression: Jigsaws, building blocks, sorting trays, cubes and construction equipment are used to aid physical development. Dancing, climbing and running are part of the daily curriculum. Stories, rhymes and songs stimulate linguistic skills and fire the imagination. Children are encouraged to interact with their peers verbally as well as through play. Role-play equipment allows them the opportunity to engage in “Pretend play”. Our staff are quick to provide both encouragement and a safe, secure environment as these busy little people develop self-confidence.


Children are now upright; walking, eating table food and taking only one nap a day. They are on a schedule where their friends are doing the same type of activities at the same time. Our program focuses on the following developmental areas: social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language. In addition, children will be able to use their newly discovered independence skills as they explore their environment.

Daily opportunities will be provided to enable them to learn how to cooperate and work harmoniously alongside and with each other and to listen to each other. We will continue to work with children on their self-esteem. “Circle Time” helps children build confidence when speaking in a group as well as respecting other children’s individual characteristics. Routines are essential at this age to help children predict the events that will occur during the day. Consistent limits are set for children so they can determine boundaries.

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