Meet the Busy Bees Robot

Our Junior Montessori children love playing with Lego and letting their imaginations run wild creating exciting and innovative designs and constructions.


One of the parents came to collect their Junior Monti little bee when they were all playing with the Lego. The little bee told her Mommy; "I am building a robot". This Mommy mentioned that she loves playing with Lego and building robots at home. This was a lovely spark of interest we could observe here in the Busy Bees Hive but it always extra special when a Mommy or Daddy gives you a little extra insight into their child’s emergent interests at home too. As we have an emergent interest-based curriculum here in Busy Bees, this exciting spark of interest lead us to creating a weekly theme to extend the children's interest in Lego and Robots and therefore engage in new exciting learning and discovery together – ROBOTS.


We had a wonderful week creating our Junior Monti Robot. First, we started with his head, a perfectly square cardboard box (there was a careful selection process to find just the right one!) and then we decided as a group should be painted yellow with everyone pitching in and getting messy so we didn’t miss a spot!


Next, we made his body (which involved another careful box selection!). We put white and black paint into the pot and asked the children; “what colour do you think this will make?”. Their response was "I don't know" so we found out together that black and white makes grey. 


The next day was a gluing and sticking activity. We ripped up tinfoil and stuck it on the robot body. This was also a great sensory activity as tinfoil was quite a new texture for the children. We then stuck old CDs on for the robot’s eyes and a milk carton lid for his nose.


On Friday, the children decided he needed to have ears and hair so we took out numerous items and tried them on the robot until the children chose what best suited our robot – black biscuit packet for his hair and pipe cleaners’ ears! 


Our robot was built with recyclable materials and so we also had the opportunity to learn together about different materials such as plastic and cardboard, why we recycle and why it’s so important. This led to a lot of questions and discussions about Recycling which in turn lead to the next week’s theme – our emergent curriculum was evolving so fast it can be hard to keep up with our little bees’ vast and varying interests!


Finally, our robot was complete! The last thing we needed was a name!!! The votes were as weird and wonderful as they could get but we just couldn’t decide so we decided to ask the whole Hive for help by displaying our Robot in the Reception Area and letting all our bees, parents and staff cast their vote. Some of the choices on offer from our Junior Montis were;


The Red Girl

Shot Gun


Cat Boy


Baby Shark


And the winner is… BEE BOP!!!




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